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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Please protect our sensitive species

Updated 6/26/1810:42 a.m. eastern time 

Hi all,

This blog post contains information on sensitive species where we are gathering and in the greater area as well.

Hellbender Salamander

To protect the Hellbender, do not move or disturb rocks in streams.
Hellbender Salamander
Please print out this flyer in color if you can and bring to your camp and post.  To learn more, read this article.

Swamp Pink

Swamp pink is a threatened species at both the state and federal level.

Swamp Pink in Bloom
It lives in shady seepage swamps and sphagnum bogs with continually saturated, though not flooded, soils; often occurs with red maple, purple pitcher plant, mountain laurel, rosebay rhododendron, and tag alder.

Learn more here.

Alterations in the hydrology that stem from increased runoff and poor wetland buffering can cause entire populations to die off.

Please print out this flyer in color if you can and bring to your camp and post.

The Forest Service has provides a list of all threatened and endangered species in the State of Georgia. Which species occur where we are gathering is a question to ask the resource folks on the land.  The USFS has also provided a one page document on Forest Health Concerns.

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