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Friday, June 22, 2018

Court on June 25 in Gainsville Georgia

Hi everyone,

There is a mandatory court appearance for many people who received federal tickets on Monday, June 25 in Gainsville, Georgia.

People with Forest Service tickets should be seen by the federal court:

Honorable J. Clay Fuller, United States Magistrate Judge121 Spring Street S.E., Suite 106
Gainesville, GA 30501

Courtroom: 103
Chambers: 106
        Chambers Phone:           (678) 450-2790
        Courtroom Deputy:           (678) 450-2792

I will update this blog post if I get additional information.

It would be really helpful if people who care would bring food to share. Also, legal assistance is needed for people who have tickets. So if you are an attorney who can practice in Georgia or if anyone you know is an attorney who can practice in Georgia and you have time to come down and assist people, your karma will be enhanced.

Also since court starts early in the morning, it would be helpful if there was a place in Gainesville, Georgia for people to sleep at on Sunday evening so they could travel on Sunday and get cleaned up before their court appearance on Monday morning. Many people who have received citations do not have the money for a motel.  Any help either by letting people sleep in a garage or by helping people get motel rooms would be much appreciated.

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