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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Rainbow Teams

Updated 7:45 PM 9/10/17 Cali Time
Hi all,

As promised, here is additional information on what and who is on site and feeding people.


Family of Friends Relief Effort (FFRE) Hurricane Harvey 2017 is looking for volunteers. First read the Volunteer Info Sheet. If this sounds like something you are interested in plugging into, fill out the F.F.R.E Hurricane Harvey Volunteer Application.

If you would like to donate dollars, click here and select "FFRE Kitchens."
They are located on the Houston/ Pasadena border! They are set up and feeding!!👍. Working along side the Cajun Army at there HQ. We are feeding them and local communities as well. the Cajun Army is delivering Organic Valley food we cooked as they work in local areas! As well as Perfect connection!!
Landing a spot has grass and secure. Crucial location.
Many Parts of Texas still have long way to go with recovery efforts.
Please visit www.unitedpeacerelief.org for information on F.F.R.E and our volunteer and donation links.
One Love!!

Altruist Relief

This is an off-shoot of Shining Light Kitchen. Folks are on-the-ground in Texas and feeding.  If you want to get plugged into their efforts and volunteer, email them. If you would like to donate dollars, click here.

Front Gate Kitchen

The kitchen known as "Front Gate Kitchen" (not to be confused with the front gate function) is on the ground and feeding people. They are at 10967 River Oaks Dr, Conroe, TX 77385.

Misc. Rainbow Kitchen

My apologies but I don't know what this kitchen is called. They have put out a call for volunteers to help prep, cook, and clean at our kitchen at 6105 Allendale Re. Houston.

Non-Rainbow Related Information

For general info on the situation, click here.

Misc. Info for people impacted by the flooding or those looking to see what is going on./

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