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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Confessions of a Rainbow Newbie

A lot of people who have never been to a gathering before have trepidation about what it's like. This great video talks about a woman's first trip to a gathering and what a culture shock it was.  For those of you who are long time gatherers, this is really funny. For those who are thinking of coming home for the first time, it's a great perspective from a newbie who approached the gathering with positive intention, love in her heart, and who found her own way to gather.


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  1. Wow. This is such a beautiful story! And I'm so glad it's being shared with people. It's wonderful to hear fresh perspective from a "normie", coming at the experience with an open mind and no expectations (and no preconceived judgement). There is a fine line (or perhaps a large gray area) between naive and fresh... as well as between experienced and jaded!
    On a personal level, I can really relate to the struggles of an introvert at gatherings... It can be difficult to be surrounded by so many people, but feel totally alone. I even had some of the same issues at a small camp-out/music festival recently near my home. Sometimes, I just have to find (or create) a little bubble, and retreat from the crowds for while. Time alone, and/or sharing intimate conversation/experience with one or two people, is needed to recharge before emerging into the wide wide world again!