We will gather peacefully for silent meditation the morning of July 4th, 2018 from dawn until noon; and a peaceful assembly of free speech and expression from July 1st through the end of Vision Counsel; in the southern Appalachian Mountains. DIRECTIONS TO THE GATHERING ARE HERE (and contain road closure info, and other critical information. This post is updated frequently so check back for the latest.To learn how to get into the gathering without getting a mandatory court appearance ticket, click here.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Updates from the gathering July 3

Updated July 3, 4:20 p.m eastern time

This afternoon the Rainbows are in court filing for a restraining order to remove roadblocks and to open the roads that have been closed. Parking is a long walk but there are shuttles. If we win the tro then parking will be easy peasy.

It looks like the judge is going to give us what we asked for i e open Road's stop harassment the feds are trying to figure out how to do that, y'all get back to us. looks like they will have a nice Circle tomorrow.  

Check back for updates

From the Forest Service:

Parking is currently only allowed on the south side of the road. FSR 77 is closed to motorized vehicles, but visitors can walk FSR 77 to access Back Gate (2.7 miles).


PARKING: Parking is available on FSR 42 from Coppermine Gap to Big Stamp Gap. Space is limited. Obey all posted signs. Roadside parking on designated routes should allow adequate access for through traffic. Do not block gates. Illegally parked cars will be towed. 


  1. We went the other day--got in through the 'back way'--road blocks still present, and the rain has made it VERY easy to get stuck. Please don't ride in the beds of pick-up trucks or catch shuttle rides w/ your children w/out properly installed car seats. The FS roads are scrutinized closely and you'll be ticketed for this!

  2. Hello i was there on Monday and i was totally harassed by police the whole time . In a five mile stretch of road i went through three road blocks and was stopped twice for no light on license plate. As a passenger in a vehicle i was forced to show id. I also could not find a shuttle and being 54 years old and handicapped (surgical repaired knees) i was unable to walk from parking to gathering. From where you park at the head o FS 77 it is a 2.7 mile hike and a drop of about 1500 feet in elevation. that also means a 1500 feet climb out . Way to difficult for alot of older attendees. Went to disabled camp where there was no shuttles to help disabled. WE realized the lack of shuttles so while we were there we tried to give as many people rides as we could. I finally had to give up hope of getting in to Home as it was going to be to physically difficult. The police presence was fascism at its true definition.

    1. When i say i went through 3 road blocks and was stopped twice i should have made it clear that i was stopped at three road blocks as well as being pulled over twice after passing through road blocks. This was in a five mile stretch.