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Friday, July 6, 2018

Forest Service Update for July 6

Updated July 6, 9:15 p.m. eastern time

***Begin USFS message***

 Today, U.S. Forest Service officials issued a camping closure order between July 8 and July 15 for the area used by the Rainbow Family of Living Light (RFLL) for its 2018 national gathering. Trail users and other visitors may still access the area during the day. 

The RFLL began rehabilitating the site on the Chattahoochee National Forest, located near Bull Mountain, earlier today. Forest Service officials will evaluate the group's progress in the next few days and may extend the camping closure to allow for continued work. Trail users should exercise caution in the area until a final assessment is complete.
Area of no camping starting July 8 (click map to enlarge)

"Any time several thousand people concentrate in one area of the national forest, there are visible impacts to vegetation, soil and other natural resources," said District Ranger Andy Baker. "During the gathering, we worked hard to minimize effects to our local communities and the environment. Now that it is over, we are working with the participants to ensure that they pack out what they packed in and leave no trace for future visitors."
Cleanup and restoration efforts include:

  • Trash removal, including abandoned camping supplies;
  • Taking apart and scattering any constructed feature like clay ovens;
  • Raking and loosening any compacted soil;
  • Rehabilitating user-created trails;
  • Removing constructed water crossings like bridges and stepping stones;
  • Eradicating any constructed dams or pools to allow streams to return to their natural flow; and
  • Covering latrines with soil and mound to account for settling over time.
Baker added, "We know the Jake and Bull trail system is very popular with visitors and is regularly maintained by dedicated volunteers. My intention is to make sure the area is left in a better condition than it was before the gathering."

Click here to see the USFS post.



  1. Ummmm not to burst your guys bubble... Clean up happens after reading your guys information and listening to the hippies its clear that there is a big lack of communication going on here , you would think after all this time that you all would get it right. I'm,sure the information is ment that to translate into ok the gatherings over now go home which is same saying our clean up crew uses to get people headed down the road, again you,all know this . this information bulletin was written to start trouble,and further the rift. I'm,quite sure you,dont want ALL the hippies to come,back after your ban to clean up , so perhaps its not such a brilliant idea to word this in a way that can be interrupted that you all are,fucking with everyone again and chasing clean up away .

  2. just another attempt at LEOs to make family look bad. Force family out before they can council or clean up properly.. it takes weeks to fully rehab sites the rainbow way.. which is far more inclusive and detailed than what is listed here.

  3. BS. I’ve seen the Rainbow aftermath in other parts of the country. Shove your Rainbow way.

    1. Care to cite where you've seen it? What exactly was the aftermath? How long after the gathering was it you saw it?

  4. Vermont 1991, LEOs came in on the 7th. Loudspeakers on ATVs in the morning! Disperse and get out, soon to be followed by complaining about the mess! Total B. S.

  5. If anyone is outraged by Law Enfocement Officer Grant S Cooper's hostile, prejudiced use of unnecessary force in regards to the arrests at the waterfall on July 2 or any other incident during the gathering, here is his personal contact info: R6,Wallowa-Whitman NF,La Grande RD
    541-962-8511 (phone)
    Tell him what you didn't like about his behavior and what you would like to be different.

    And you can file a complaint with the USFS Harrassment Reporting Center. (see below)

    USFS Harassment Reporting Center now available
    Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 10:15

    WASHINGTON — As part of the agency’s ongoing commitment to prevent harassment, protect our employees from harassment, and hold accountable those who commit these egregious acts, we are excited to announce the Forest Service Harassment Reporting Center was launched November 6, 2017.

    The Harassment Reporting Center is operated by skilled and extensively trained contracted representatives and provides a single, dedicated resource for reporting all forms of harassment. The center is available to employees, supervisors and anyone who does business with the Forest Service, seven days a week, from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Eastern. You can reach a Harassment Reporting Center representative by calling the toll-free number: (844) 815-8943.

    Even if you choose not to call the Harassment Reporting Center to report harassment you still have the ability to report harassment directly to a management official. Management officials who receive a report should complete the Management Harassment Notification Form, FS-1700-0007, and call the Harassment Reporting Center to submit the report.

  6. How does this effect vision council ?