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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

On peeing in the woods for those without a protruding thing

A message primarily for those without a protruding thing that sticks out a few inches.

If you're drinking enough water to stay hydrated, you're probably peeing a lot. Now when you pee, hopefully you'll be peeing behind a tree or a bush or somewhere in the woods (Not the shitter). If you're like me, you like to wipe after you pee. But then you have some slightly used toilet paper to dispose of - and NOT by burying it under two inches of duff. Some one will have to pick up that tissue - let that someone be you.

I've taken to bringing extra wash clothes to the gathering. I keep one in my day pack at all times. Then when I need to pee, I wipe with a washcloth. I put it in a plastic bag in my pack. The next day I grab a new one. The old one gets rinsed out and left to dry for a day or two. 4 or 5 wash clothes will last me 3 weeks using this method.

The other option is to carry all that used TP to the nearest shitter and toss it in. Or burn it in a fire. Or carry it home with you. I like my washcloth movie a whole lot more.

Please do not leave toilet paper on the ground!


  1. A hair trim along the lips and a handshaking above helps limit the amount of pee left to be cleaned up. At that point either air drying in a skirt or a panty pat and dailly change work for me.

  2. I do not pick up generally, I merely use shovel to make a gash, and push the paper into, then step on it.
    It will quickly be gone, the paper is more a problem of unsightliness than anything else.