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Friday, November 3, 2017

The Mini Manual - Life in Motion

An Invitation Page 1
Before there was the "Mini Manual" there was the Rainbow Oracle or  How to Blow Minds and Influence People (but the Oracle is not the purpose of today's blog post although you can learn a bit more about it here).  The Oracle was written before the first gathering as an invitation. However, as people started gathering, the Mini Manual of Gathering Consciousness was born as a way to share the collective wisdom on how to focalize and participate in a gathering in a manner that keeps the land and people safe and healthy.

The Mini Manual is a living document that people update over time as consciousness changes and new ideas come forth. For a version from the mid-90s (I think), click here.  You can also do a web search for "rainbow gathering mini manual and find other versions.

A few years back, Where Do I Poop was born. This great version of a mini manual covered the basics with humor and is available in PDF format here.

Recently, another version called An Invitation was born and you can find that version here

No matter which version you read, (and I recommend them all) or what it's called, please take the time to absorb this information so that when you are at your next gathering, you know this stuff inside and out and can share with others on the land.

Blessings to my amazing family for continuing to share traditions and new ideas in ways that are easy to understand.  Keep up the amazing work!

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