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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Harvest (Fall/Thanksgiving) Counsel (Council/Circle)

Updated 11/16/17 @ 11:30  a.m. PST

For information on what and why, read my post here.  The counsel/council/circle takes place over the four day Thanksgiving Weekend, which this year is November 23 - 26.

This evening, "11/05/2017" there was a conference call to discuss a location to have Harvest Counsel for the 2018 annual, & after a short discussion there was a consensus to have this year's Harvest Counsel near Clayton Georgia.

For all folks looking to fly in for counsel, Clayton Georgia, is a 2 1/2 drive from Atlanta, & a 3 hour drive from Asheville North Carolina.

Directions to Harvest Counsel site will be posted on the Atlanta light line 770~662~6112 a few days prior to counsel.

Counsel time will be... November 23rd ~26th.
Lovin y'all 🌞

P.S. As you drive to counsel, please drive legal..

More information will be posted here as it becomes available. Or you can call the Atlantic Lightline 770-662-6112 - please no collect calls.

Harvest Council Flyer

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